Summer Self-Love Session | Upstate NY

When a simple headshot session turns into a full on self-love exploration,

the world starts to feel bright again.


HI.  It’s been awhile!



Where do I even begin with this??  What started as LB needing a headshot for her job unfolded into nearly two hours of running through a field and soaking ourselves in the high summer sun.  2020 was a terrible year for most of us, and much of 2021 felt the same, so any excuse to remember that we are powerful, we are strong, we are worthy and deserving of love, and we are radiant can transform our whole outlook on a seemingly endless pandemic.


It’s hard to pick a favorite photoshoot, because let’s be honest I think they’re all my favorite (the same reason why I have dozens of favorite candies, movies, musicians, etc., they’re all amazing and I LOVE them!), but this one invigorated my soul – a jolt of creativity, love, and sunshine.


It’s important for us to remember that whatever frustrations we have with our bodies – missing workout goals, fixating on our flaws, wishing for something different – it was our bodies that helped many of us survive an unimaginable two, ongoing three, years.  And we are deserving of recognizing that radiance we embody.


Thanks for visiting our little corner of the internet <3



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