Rachel, Steve + Co | Quarantine Halloween

This year has been, to put it bluntly, terrible. Each day is filled with uncertainty, anxiety, and a loss of normalcy. Few can see loved ones, and many have wondered how traditions will be reimagined for this year, and potentially the years to come. One thing that this year has emphasized is the need to celebrate and document memories with loved ones, and doing so comfortably and safely. Hence, probably one of my new favorite things, the porch sessions!

The benefits: kiddos get to be close to their stuffies, access to your wardrobe for quicker outfit changes, and you already know all the best spots for photos. Plus, you get to be more in control and can set the boundaries of who is in your vicinity. In the era of social distancing, knowing who will be near you and your loved ones is important, and with outdoor porch sessions we can be far apart and still get cute, goofy, authentic photos.

As for Halloween. The spooky, imaginative, and candy-filled celebration has a new look this year.

Is it a true family portrait session if there isn’t a fake impaling? Or is that just us?

I’m sitting here tonight, October 31st, in my living room dressed as none other than me, myself, and I this year, with a table display of candy for the costumed passerby to snag a prepackaged, quarantined, and carefully handled bundle of treats outside my porch. There are many real horrors this year, and many real reasons to find every opportunity we can to live and celebrate with our loved ones as we prepare for a chilly winter. Rachel, Steve + Co. embodied this same desire to celebrate and document the little moments they have this year with their closest loved ones. We joked about how little human contact we have had this year, but the truth of it is that we are all having a hard time coping with this very thing. As photographers, we got to give Rachel and Steve a little bit of normalcy this year, and a little bit of socially distanced human interaction, by documenting the cute moments that we can find in these scary, spooky, and hopefully still candy-filled times.

– Sarah

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